Football Stadiums in the World

Top 7 Football Stadiums in the World

Football can be considered as most popular, most viewed most loving most played sports even most revenue generated game around the world. Grief and joy share by his fans and players over victory and defeat has to decide its popularity among them. So need of exceeding infrastructure resulting into bigger creatively build and inventively design Football stadiums throughout the globe.

Now we are going to detailed some top ranked soccer stadiums around the world;

Top 7 Football Stadiums

7.Santiago Bernabeu (spain )

Football Stadiums in the WorldSatiago stadium was build in 1947 and get famous among football fans and players around world. This stadium is known as “most highly revenue generated soccer ground “around world stadiums. Santiago stadium is located in Madrid and known as “Real Madrid” home ground. Can be capacitate with more than 80,000 audience with a lot of fun stuff for them. Santigo Bernabeu is one of the most loving venues for spectators due its thrilling history for iconic football matches. Stadium not only contains interesting archives as well as its infrastructure also centre of eyes for millions. Spectators from world enjoys here sort of facilities like swimming pool, internal rugby club and much more included nearby world most delicious restaurants in surrounding.

6. Soccer City (South Africa)

Football Stadiums in the WorldJohannesburg is famous for world football fans hosting through its outstanding “soccer city” which has capacity to adjust 90,ooo spectators. It was established for 2010 world cup to prove the south Africa loves to enhance sports ventures for its citizens and for world.

5. Azteca – Mexico

Football Stadiums in the WorldMexico stadium holds fifth position in top ten charts due to its complementary characteristics among all of world soccer grounds with an official capacity of around 100 thousand audience. This iconic stadium record most of historic moments by hosting two FiFa world cups and scheduled to host 2026 Fifa final

4. Camp Nou, Stadium(Spain)

Camp Nou stadium is largest football ground of spain and home for one of world’s leading team “Barcelona” since its establishment in 1957. It have more than 90 thousands seating capacity for spectators and listed to be one of biggest stadium of world. It hosted to champions finals and different league finale and kept lots of records in football history.

3. Old Trafford – United Kingdom

Football Stadiums in the WorldOld Trafford stadium known as home for Manchester united located in The great Manchester city. This play ground shares bundles of historic memories among fans and players. Stadium records bundles iconic performances and moments in the history of soccer play. Old Trafford regarded as home for most fans oriented team and people are crazy over it!

This stadium can capacitate more than ten thousands audience with best possible entertainment facilities.

Manchester home is known for hosting different FA cup finals and also for Euro Champion league. Old Trafford creates history after it got opportunity to host first female international football match very first time in the history .

2. The Allianz Arena, Germany

Football Stadiums in the WorldAllianz Arena is a football stadium in Munich, Bavaria and famous in all Germany as well as in all world due to its exterior which is plastic panels made of inflated ETFE. It is the very first stadium in the world that have a color changing exterior. It supports two famous teams Bayern and Munich and reflects the representative color of respective team while they were playing.

1. Wembley, United Kingdom

Football Stadiums in the WorldWembley stadium is ranked no#1 football ground among all stadiums. Experts around the world agree that it is the largest stadium for football playing. It is located in metropolitan city of London. It has hosted many of memorable matches and become significant part of football history.

Its supports England national team and play home ground role for their team.